Food Box + Window Containers

Suitable for both hot and cold food carrying, these boxes are PET laminated and 100% leak-proof. They are perfect boxes in carrying abundantly sauced foods. In addition to being used in carrying salads, chicken, sushi, macaroni and in carrying hot and street foods, they are also used for mobile catering even planning a party. These Food boxes are a perfect and the most reasonable solution for carrying hot and cold foods as well.

These good looking, single and easy use covered boxes have been formed suitable enough to be used in countless fields. These PET laminated boxes can be used in microwave. They give you a chance to see what kind of food inside the box via cover with window.

Depending on customer wish, the printing can be done. Also in printing of these boxes food coloring and preventive food lac is used. We do not limit our customers for the sizes of boxes. We can produce all sizes depending on customer`s wishes.