Hot and Cold Food Tray Containers

Having wide variety TERACUP FOOD boxes, by means of PE Extrusion or PET lamination, are 100 % leak-proof. They are perfect to carry sauced foods.
Moreover, in addition to being used in carrying salads, chicken, sushi, macaroni and in carrying hot and street foods, mobile catering even planning a party, these Food boxes are a perfect and the most reasonable solution for carrying hot and cold foods as well.

Furthermore, These boxes, depending on customer desire, are being produced suitable enough to be used in conventional ovens as well as microwaves by coating PE or PET.

Again, depending on customer desire the printing can be done. In printing these goods and the other printed goods, the protective food lac and food
coloring are used.

Because of being a producer, we do not limit our customers for the sizes of boxes. We can produce all sizes depending on customer wishes.