Eclair Liners

  • As they have hard edges keeping them upright without any support or mold, they provide easier usage. We are able to produce them patterned/prints
    depending on customer`s request. We use high quality, certified, food compatible materials in our products.


  • Our muffin paper, imported from Pfleiderer Germany, is 40 gr m2 grease resistant slip easy paper, hygiene-certified and known all around the world, may be used for baking purposes in conventional and microwave ovens up to 220 C as well as in the freezers.


  • We use white, red, brown, yellow, blue, orange, pink colors and also we are able to make prints up to 4 colors.


  • These FSC certified natural pulp colored papers are appropriate for the direct contact with the foodstuff.


  • We are producing our cake cups in full automatic machines and dispatch baking cups in custom made boxes and packages.